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Luca was born on the 31st March 1992 in Cardiff, Wales, to parents Giovanni Malacrino & Marisa Morteo.

The Welsh Italian artist began training as a performer at 19 years old under the instruction of Rebecca Hardy at the Actors Workshop, whilst owning and operating two of the most successful nightclubs in the Welsh capital. He then decided to pursue his dream of acting, sell the businesses and head to Los Angeles to learn his craft. He was grateful to have been offered a place at The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles, taking part in their acting for Stage, T.V. & Film conservatory program.

Luca has starred in multiple hit TV shows such as 

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders, playing the role of

Onario Alighieri alongside Paul Sorvino, Grey's Anatomy, Andrea Abrruzzi in Braint's beloved Coronation Street, Jim Carrey's I'm Dying Up Here, as well as working with the Godfather’s very own, Francis Ford Coppola in Distant Vision.

Luca is also a proud member of the BAFTA Newcomers Academy and is incredibly grateful to be part of such an iconic group of talented artists.

(4 actors chosen out of 20,000)

As well as acting, Luca has understood the need and importance in creating original content. He has started a production company called The Chameleon Effect with co-producer/writer Alex Hanno and the team has successfully created an award-winning Pilot, Served and Feature Film, Elephants in their first year.

Elephants, as well as premiering both in the U.S. and U.K. was released this year and off to a wonderful start. With an average of a 4.9* rating, it has been listed to watch as part of Amazon's Prime selection. Luca plays the lead role of Lee Riley, as well as being a producer in this true 'slice of life' relationship story. Click here to watch now and for more info.


The year is looking bright and full of exciting projects on the horizon. Luca has several feature films locked down for 2020, including his production company's next motion picture - A Sanctuary For Water Voles  - being filmed

during spring, in his home country of Wales 2021.



To follow Luca’s journey or contact him with any questions, follow him: 

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