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Right up front, this is a “‘if you don’t ask you don’t get” kind of email, the sort that folks put off over and over again for fear of rejection. But not this time. So here goes...

As you may know, I’ve been out in Los Angeles working in film and television after giving my all to the nightclub industry as a 'youngster; I sold everything I had and made the move to chase my dreams.

In a matter of weeks, I found myself going from the top of the hospitality industry with a staff of over 40 employees, to washing dishes at a local diner making minimum wage while learning the new ropes.


However, I studied my craft as hard as I could, and in the span of 4 years, I successfully built an acting resume of over 30 projects, including network shows such as Criminal Minds alongside Paul Sorvino, Grey's Anatomy, and Britain’s beloved Coronation Street, as well as working with The Godfather’s very own, Francis Ford Coppola in his latest project, Distant Vision. Furthermore, I was one of four actors selected to join BAFTA's Acting Academy out of 20,000 applicants and was most recently named Westfield International Film Festival's Rising Star. 


Despite my acting successes, I realized that I had to create my own content in order to show my true talent and make a mark in this industry. Luckily, my “green light” moment soon came in the form of a short film called The Chameleon. That’s where I met Alex Hanno, a brilliant writer, a whip-smart director, and the guy who would eventually go on to become my business partner in all things film-related.


At the end of our shoot, Alex filled me in on his plans to leave LA behind. I told him, “You can’t leave because we have work to do. Sorry, but it’s not an option, I haven’t gone back to scraping plates for nothing. This is a sign.” A month later, Alex and I were shooting our second short film. Four months after that, we filmed a television pilot - Served - that went on to win a top award at the Independent TV Festival. The following year, we had shot, produced, and released our first feature film - Elephants - which debuted on Amazon Prime to widespread acclaim and is now fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. In addition, The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures selected Elephants to be featured in their collection for its cover art, script, and cinematic value, and one of our upcoming scripts even secured top awards at Austin Film Festival, Scriptapalooza, and Final Draft’s Big Break.

The reason I’m telling you all of this today is because our production company - The Chameleon Effect - is gearing up to shoot our next feature film, A Social Contract, and when Alex and I decide to do something, we put everything we have into it and without fail, it gets done. This next film is a timely, end of days thriller that was developed alongside the prolific production company, Buffalo 8. Now is the time for a project like this, one designed to be filmed on a tight budget, in a single location, with a limited cast in order to comply with current safety standards within the industry, while also fulfilling the current supply and demand shift created by the COVID-19 epidemic. At the moment, the world is still stuck at home starving for content and the leading streaming platforms - such as Netflix, Disney +, and Hulu - have no new material to release, because large production companies are unable to film safely and quickly. A Social Contract is perfectly poised to fill this gap in the market, due to its indie budget and minimal crew, who are already trained in shooting COVID safe projects. 

*click image for full lookbook

A Social Contract - Lookbook 1.jpg

We’re not alone on this journey either. One of our team's newest producers, John Lerchen, became one of the youngest members to ever join the PGA and he has now produced 6 feature films, including The Lurker featuring Scout Taylor-Compton and The Old Man and The Pond, featuring Tobin Bell. Another recent addition to the team, producer and production designer Samuel Froeschle, served as the production designer on Blindspot, in addition to working on the likes of Girls, Daredevil, and The Americans.

At the moment, we’re looking to secure the remaining financing needed for this project. 

If you or anyone you know may be interested in investing in this film and our journey, it would be great to work with you.


I appreciate your time and thank you for being on this journey with me. 




Luca Malacrino






Title: A Social Contract  

Format: Feature Film - Contained - End of Days Thriller

Logline: On the eve of a nuclear attack, a group of trapped politicians and their loved ones fight to secure a seat on the only helicopter to safety, while those left behind are doomed to burn. 

Budget: $500,000



Click the image below to see more information on the project. (Business plan available upon request)  

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